Some thoughts to Boulder Dash

 Boulder Dash was one of the best Games ever made on C64.
Forget the Clones, only the Original was worth playing. I'll never forget the first time I played Boulder Dash in the middle-eighties. And I'll never forget my first own-made cave with the construction kit. A friend of mine and me created uncounted caves and intermissions, but unfortunately they
were all lost. Passing the Nineties I gave away my good old C128D with all the 5.25 Disks I had. I think that was one of the greatest Compi-mistakes I ever did. But with the fast processors and the Emulators the good old Boulder Dash-Sessions returned!! For me and for every Boulder Dash Fan out there.

Some thoughts about making a
Boulder Dash - Homepage

 I was very surprised when I saw that there's no special C64-Boulder Dash-Site in the Net. No one has dedicated a homepage to the c64-Version of this great game, so I decided to make one. I created a place where you can download Boulder Dash Game Files and Goodies
that will help you to create your own Games.




 There are bad News actually !!!!

 Nearly 3 years ago I received an Email from Mr. Spitalny, President of First Star Software. He mentioned that it's illegal to release Boulder Dash-related Stuff, even for the C64. Boulder Dash(R) is still registered and protected.

I wish to point out that this Site was not made to harm the owner of the copyrights from Boulder Dash. It is my intention to keep Boulder Dash alive!!

This is no Pirate- or Crack-Site!!!

That's the reason why you can't download all the Boulder Dash games on my page. If you're looking for something just let me know by mail.