The community

You have the possibility to join the Boulder Dash-community. I always inform the community about rumours or releases concering Boulder Dash. Just send me a mail and you'll be a member of the "eternal" Boulder Dash-community.

The members are:

"Alenor" Felix (Germany)
Arno Weber (Netherlands)
Claus Skrepek (Austria)
David Hansson (Sweden)
Fahed Al-Daye (Canada)
Firefox (Switzerland)
Hans Schoep (Netherlands)
James Thomas (England)
Kazelot (Poland)
Kamil Przybyla (Poland)
Lord Diego (Germany)
Marc de Haar (Netherlands)
Marcel Boon (Netherlands)
Marco ? (Switzerland)
Marek Roth (Germany)
"Mazom" Mark Kahilakoski (Finland)
Michael Reifer (Germany)
Paul Ruczko (Poland)
Peo Karlsson (Sweden)
Peter D. Beker (Netherlands)
Pii (Poland)
Prof. Knibble (Germany)
Ralf Metzner (Germany)
Ron van Schaik (Netherlands)
Stefan Verheyen (Belgium)
Stefano Tognon (Italy)
Tim Stridman (Ucraine)
Zlatomir "Tomi" Vosecek (Kroatia)

 Download here the first Boulder Dash game made by the community, the community Xmas-Boulder Dash